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Since 1980

When Dick Crocker and his associates were discussing the difficulties faced by all small-to-medium size North American company wishing to manufacture in Mexico.

Having extensive experience in Mexican operations ranging from manufacturing, to mining, to retail sales, the team knew the process didn’t have to be as difficult as it had become for so many. They knew that they could provide excellent service, cut the red tape, create fast start-ups and deliver the best value. They hit upon the idea of forming an American Company with a Mexican “maquila” subsidiary as a one-stop shopping service for manufacturing and order fulfillment companies wishing to set up in Mexico. Their intent was to cut through the traditional red tape, by providing all the necessary resources for their clients to begin and continue manufacturing in Mexico. By providing the requisite Mexican corporate framework, administration and operating management, they believed it was possible to take a client from concept to actual operation almost immediately, whether the client desired Shelter, Subcontracting or Order Fulfillment. With Order Fulfillment they can ship directly to all end customers.

With high energy costs and inflation in China, Mexico can be your optimal location for labor intensive manufacturing operations and logistics solutions.

Why Choose us?

Be Hands-On managers, constantly available to our clients.

Keep costs as low as possible.

Tailor our shelter and piece-rate programs to fit the client’s needs, including order fulfillment.

Keep current on all changes taking place in the areas of customs, taxes, wages and economic factors.

Keep our employees safe, informed, empowered, and competitively compensated.

Provide the best value to our clients.


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